Alain landry Kubong Nguepnkep

Doctor PhD candidate in Chemical Pathology in the Department of Medical Laboratory Science, in the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Buea

I’m a holder of 09 certificates respectively in Gene & Cell Therapy, Surveillance of HIV resistance to antiretrovirals in Cameroon; Scientific Writing and Publication; Vaccinology; Advanced statistic and Data analysis; Systematic Review and Meta Analysis; Experimental Design and Research Protocol Development; Introduction to International Humanitarian Law (IHL); The fourth Congress of GEDREPACAM.

I’m a teacher of Immunology; Health and Development at INUBIL-ISPM (Institut Supérieure des professions Medico-sanitaires) since 2021 and teacher of General Biochemistry, Clinical Biochemistry at IUEs/INSAM (Institut Universitaire et Stratégique de l’Estuaire)-Yaoundé since 2021.
my strong interest in Sickle cell disease and nutrition with my current research: “investigation the effect of vitamin D supplementation on inflammation in sickle cell anaemia patients in Cameroon”. 

My dream is to contribute to improving the welfare of patients with sickle cell disease, which is of high public health concern in south Saharan Africa.
I’m also interested in malaria, HIV-AIDS, human papilloma virus and tuberculosis.