Neglected Tropical Diseases: Planning for the Next Decade of Progress

In January 2021, we published a special issue of Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene, commissioned in collaboration with WHO to mark the launch of the 2021-2030 road map for NTDs, entitled "Neglected Tropical Diseases: Planning for The Next Decade of Progress".

This important collection of papers discussing the success and challenges of both the previous and upcoming 2021-2030 NTD road map has been commissioned by four guest editors, all experienced professionals working in the field of neglected tropical diseases. 

All the articles, which are are open access and free to read, have been written by world-renowned global health experts, including Dr Mwelecele Malecela, director of the Department of Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases at the World Health Organization. 

Guest editors

The guest editors for the special issue, NTDs: The Next Decade of Progress, are: 

Anthony Solomon:
Anthony Solomon is an Infectious Diseases Physician. He is Chief Scientist to the Department of Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases at the World Health Organization.

Martha Saboyá:
Martha Saboyá is the regional advisor on neglected infectious diseases epidemiology at the Pan American Health Organization.

David Mabey:
Professor David Mabey became interested in NTDs while working in The Gambia. His research group at LSHTM has published more than 250 papers on trachoma and yaws. He is Past President of RSTMH. 

Richard Odame Phillips:
Richard is a senior lecturer at the KNUST in Ghana and conducts research on infectious diseases particularly M. ulcerans disease, HIV and hepatitis B.



> A road map for neglected tropical diseases 2021–2030

Mwelecele N Malecela, Camilla Ducker

Lessons from the Field

> Lessons from the Field: Integrated survey methodologies for neglected tropical diseases

Emma M Harding-Esch, Molly A Brady, Cristiam A Carey Angeles, Fiona M Fleming, Diana L Martin, Scott McPherson, Hollman Miller Hurtado, John M Nesemann, Benjamin C Nwobi, Ronaldo G C Scholte, Fasihah Taleo, Sandra Liliana Talero, Anthony W Solomon, Martha Idalí Saboyá-Díaz

> Lessons from the Field: integrated programmes for neglected tropical diseases

Ana Morice, Fasihah Taleo, Yves Barogui, Andrew C. Steer, Michael Marks

Review articles

> Diagnostics and the neglected tropical diseases roadmap: setting the agenda for 2030

Ashley A Souza, Camilla Ducker, Daniel Argaw, Jonathan D King, Anthony W Solomon, Marco A Biamonte, Rhea N Coler, Israel Cruz, Veerle Lejon, Bruno Levecke, Fabricio K Marchini, Michael Marks, Pascal Millet, Sammy M Njenga, Rahmah Noordin, René Paulussen, Esvawaran Sreekumar, Patrick J Lammie

> Medicine donation programmes supporting the global drive to end the burden of neglected tropical diseases

Mark Bradley, Rachel Taylor, Julie Jacobson, Morgane Guex, Adrian Hopkins, Julie Jensen, Lynn Leonard, Johannes Waltz, Luc Kuykens, Papa Salif Sow, Ulrich-Dietmar Madeja, Takayuki Hida, Kileken Ole-Moiyoi, Jonathan King, Daniel Argaw, Jamsheed Mohamed, Maria Rebollo Polo, Aya Yajima, Eric Ottesen

> Disability, mental health, stigma and discrimination and neglected tropical diseases

Hannah Kuper

> The impact of climate change on neglected tropical diseases: a systematic review

Rachel Tidman, Bernadette Abela-Ridder, Rafael Ruiz de Castañeda


> The history of the neglected tropical disease movement

David H Molyneux, Anarfi Asamoa-Bah, Alan Fenwick, Lorenzo Savioli, Peter Hotez

> Considerations for a sustainability framework for neglected tropical diseases programming

Marcos Espinal, Margaret E Kruk, Madame Cisse Mariama Mohamed, Emily Wainwright

> Resource tracking for neglected tropical disease programmes: the first step for developing a sustainable financing strategy

Xiao Xian Huang, Hapsatou Toure, Gautam Biswas

> One Health for neglected tropical diseases

Gabrielle Laing, Marco Antonio Natal Vigilato, Sarah Cleaveland, S M Thumbi, Lucille Blumberg, Naseem Salahuddin, Bernadette Abdela-Ridder, Wendy Harrison

> Building on a decade of progress in water, sanitation and hygiene to control, eliminate and eradicate neglected tropical diseases

Sophie Boisson, Leah Wohlgemuth, Aya Yajima, Genandrialine Peralta, Nebe Obiageli, Sultani Matendechero, Gilbert Baayenda, Fikre Seife, Helen Hamilton, Claire Chase, Fatoumata B M Barry, Anthony W Solomon, Yael Velleman

> Promoting gender, equity, human rights and ethnic equality in neglected tropical disease programmes

P S Mbabazi, S Del Pino, C Ducker, L Dean, H Broekkamp, W Prasetyanti, J Jacobson, A Krentel, M Seunik, A L Bustinduy, M Malecela

> Ethical dimensions of neglected tropical disease programming

David G Addiss, Yvonne Kienast, James V Lavery

> Towards a comprehensive research and development plan to support the control, elimination and eradication of neglected tropical diseases

David Mabey, Ellen Agler, John H Amuasi, Leda Hernandez, T Déirdre Hollingsworth, Peter J Hotez, Patrick J Lammie, Mwelecele N Malecela, Sultani H Matendechero, Eric Ottesen, Richard O Phillips, John C Reeder, Célia Landmann Szwarcwald, Joseph P Shott, Anthony W Solomon, Andrew Steer, Soumya Swaminathan