In September 2017 we launched our five-year strategy. The strategy was developed following a six-month comprehensive review involving RSTMH’s Board of Trustees, staff team, volunteers, members and Fellows, former members and non-members.

It involved a survey of 200 respondents and over 100 interviews. Through this review we revisited how we describe our goals and our work, the key priority areas and operational objectives.

New vision, mission and scope

As part of our new strategy, we agreed a new vision, mission and scope of work.

Our vision is to save lives and improve health around the world through increased access and greater equity in global healthcare.

Our mission is to be at the heart of the tropical medicine and global health community, providing the knowledge and networks, across all disciplines, that drive impact.

Our scope of work has been constantly adapting to the changing face of tropical medicine and global health. In this strategy we use the Sustainable Development Goals as our context, and recognise the importance of animal and planetary health, and the underlying social, structural, economic and environmental factors that determine health around the globe as part of our scope of work.

Priority areas

This scope and approach enables us to focus on priority areas, which are defined as – but not limited to:

  • Neglected tropical diseases and their overlap with non-communicable diseases and the Sustainable Development Goals,
  • Malaria, with a focus on resistance,
  • Planetary health and One Health and the consideration of human health alongside animal health and the environment, in the context of social, economic and political factors,
  • Topical issues including emerging diseases,
  • Drug resistant infections,
  • Areas where we feel our unique and independent role as a convenor would be useful.