Student Ambassadors

Who better than the emerging leaders of tropical medicine and global health to guide our activities, our strategy and our impact?

Acting as a voice for their fellow students, Student Ambassadors are indispensable in raising awareness of RSTMH throughout their institutions and beyond. They are the instrumental link between students, institutions and RSTMH and make the most valuable contribution to assisting us in achieving our vision and mission.

Central to the Student Ambassador role is ensuring that RSTMH is recognising and supporting the next generation of tropical medicine and global health professionals effectively and safeguarding that they are taking an active role in facilitating research, sharing knowledge and driving impact.

How to apply

To be an RSTMH Student Ambassador, you ideally need to be a full-time student in a subject related to global health, with good networks and a strong understanding of RSTMH and our work. You also need to be an existing RSTMH member.

As an RSTMH Student Ambassador, you can gain experience in a similar field to your studies and complement your academic abilities by getting involved in many ways, including but not limited to:

  • Getting in touch and letting us know what you think we’re doing right, and what we could be doing better: As a Student Ambassador and a member of RSTMH, your feedback is extremely important.
  • Sharing RSTMH social media posts within your own network, university network, or both, to raise awareness about the Society.
  • Talking! Engaging with your fellow students to promote the Society. Telling them about RSTMH student membership and the benefits available.
  • Promoting Society activities such as conferences, workshops, awards, grants and publications.
  • Recommending the journals to your colleagues and explaining how they can be involved with our publications (for example, acting as a peer reviewer).
  • Telling your networks to apply for a small grant and making sure your networks don’t miss key deadlines by sending them regular information about the opening and closing dates.

Student Ambassadors applications are opened throughout the year, but submissions are only reviewed in February, June and October.

If you would like to apply to become an RSTMH Student Ambassador, please complete the application form. Please give as much information as possible about your experiences, interests and availability.

If you have any questions, please contact amelia [dot] fincham [at] rstmh [dot] org (subject: Student%20Ambassadors) (Amelia Fincham).