Membership FAQs

The following are some frequently asked questions about membership of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

Am I eligible for membership?

RSTMH membership is available to individuals who work in or are interested in tropical medicine or global health and is a widely recognised mark of commitment to the sector.

A one-year subscription starts at £80 and we offer discounts to those working in low- and middle-income countries, full-time students, early careers and retired professionals*.


Low- and lower-middle income countries: For those receiving a local salary in countries that appear in the World Bank classification for low and low-middle income countries as well as the countries listed on Research4Life’s Groups A and B. The full list can be found at the bottom of this page.

Students: For full-time registered students studying for a first or second degree, a first postdoctoral qualification or approved university diploma course of up to one year.

Early careers: Open to anyone who gained a first or second degree, a postdoctoral qualification or approved university diploma course up to ten years ago, not including career breaks.

Retired Fellow: For RSTMH Fellows who have retired from professional life after being a paid-up Fellow of the Society for at least 20 years.

Retired: For retired professionals.


How will I receive my membership?

You will receive your membership confirmation and number via email. We do not send individual membership numbers through the post.

How long does my membership last?

The membership year runs from the last day of the month from when the subscription is processed. So, if a payment for a one-year membership is processed on 15 October, the renewal will be due on 31 October the following year.

How do I find out my membership number?

You can find your membership number via your online profile which you can access by logging in here.

What do I do if my contact details change?

You can either update them via your online account, or alternatively tamar [dot] ghosh [at] rstmh [dot] org (get in touch with us) and we can update them on your behalf.

What is the difference between Fellowship and membership?

In terms of benefits and privileges, there are no differences between Fellows and members. Members used to be called Fellows when new members needed to be nominated to the Society.

In recent years, RSTMH has removed the need for new members to be nominated by existing members. This helps to ensure that the Society is as inclusive as possible, allowing students and people in the early stages of their careers to join RSTMH, as well as people from a variety of sectors and disciplines.

Only individuals who were nominated to become a Fellow (before 2006) should refer to themselves as a Fellow of RSTMH, or use FRSTMH after their name.

Can I use post nominals as an RSTMH member?

RSTMH encourage our members to state their membership publicly (in email sign-offs, official letters etc) to help raise the profile of the Society and demonstrate our members’ commitment to tropical medicine and global health.

Our members can format their current membership as either: Member of RSTMH, or abbreviate it to: MRSTMH. The full text and abbreviation in brackets can also be used: Member of RSTMH (MRSTMH)

Remember, any text or post-nominals regarding your RSTMH membership should come after your academic post-nominals.