Derrick Ho

Hung Chak Ho (Derrick Ho) is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Urban Planning and Design at The University of Hong Kong. Derrick’s research focuses on linkages between the built environment and human health and well-being, with particular interest in relationships between social and environmental deprivations mediated by urban form and population health. Derrick has co-developed a “land developability index” project with the Population Research Institute at the Pennsylvania State University since 2013, and has participated in numerous studies for environmental health assessment, disaster risk management, land use planning and spatial modelling. Derrick also co-developed the government-based Heat Exposure Integrated Deprivation Index (HEIDI) with the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control in Canada for disaster risk planning and public health surveillance.

Derrick is now expanding his research to support the vulnerable and marginalized population in Asian high-density cities. This includes to develop community planning protocols for the development of a “disabled-friendly environment” across the cities. The aim of this research is to apply a mixed-methods approach for the investigation of housing, social, and environmental health problems among the people with impairment, with the hope to support this population through community design and health education in the coming future.