Dr Feyera Gemeda Dima

Dr Feyera Gemeda Dima is an International Outstanding Scientist in Infectious Diseases, and Innovative Research, Best Global Innovator of 2022 & Master of Innovation 2022 From OFEED, Health Instructor, Research Grant Evaluator across Globally potential Institutions and Universities & Associate Professor of Tropical and Infectious Diseases, at Jimma University, Ethiopia. 

He has developed big innovative techniques to prevent infectious diseases of poverty, antimicrobial resistances. He worked on multiple projects including Infectious diseases control, environmental health management & Vaccine product development contributing to GAVI, WHO, UNICEF, US CDC in UK, USA, & India. He is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with Tropical and Infectious Diseases specialist by profession. He is a health educator who is working with main duty of teaching, advising, researching, International research grant assessor and reviewer, Mentoring, Scientific editor of international journals, international scientific advisor, workshop coordinator, scientific innovator, and providing community service, including clinical works with ten years of work experience in this leading University.

He has contributed a lot to both national and international in academics, research, innovations and publications online and in person works. He has been involved in outbreak investigations of infectious diseases in Ethiopia, Canada, and Europe. He has grown up in one of the remote villages of Ethiopia and worked with controlling infectious diseases and non-infectious diseases.