Dr Sajid Hameed

Dr. Sajid Hameed is an esteemed healthcare professional, blending extensive expertise in clinical practice with visionary leadership in public health and healthcare management. His academic foundation is fortified by a Ph.D. in Public Health and further enhanced by a fellowship in "Leadership Strategies for Evolving Healthcare Executives" from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Currently serving as the Founding Chair and Associate Professor at the Department of Public Health, Green International University, Lahore. Dr. Sajid is recognized for his strategic leadership, curriculum development, and advocacy in the prevention of non-communicable diseases, healthcare quality, and patient safety. His scholarly work, prominently published in esteemed journals like The Lancet, addresses crucial public health issues and patient safety culture. Awards such as the Research Productivity Award 2023 and the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Travel Scholarship 2023 highlight his impactful contributions. Furthermore, Dr. Sajid has presented his work at prestigious forums around the globe, showcasing his commitment to achieving positive health outcomes internationally. Dr. Sajid's dedication extends beyond academia, aiming to improve global health, making him a distinguished figure in the healthcare sector.