Dr Tri Maharani

Emergency Medicine Specialist, Ministry of Health Republic Indonesia

Dr Tri Maharani is currently an Emergency Medicine Specialist and leader of policy and programme animal venomous and toxin plantation in Ministry of Health Republic Indonesia. She has a PhD in biomedical science and is one of Indonesia’s leading experts on snakebite.

Since 2012, she has provided many courses, seminars and workshops aimed at building the knowledge and capacity of healthcare professionals, communities and the public in Indonesia. She also provides emergency consultation and case management support in real-time to healthcare workers and first responders around the country voluntarily and alongside her full-time job.

Dr Maharani is President of the Indonesia Toxinology Society and a council member of the Malaysian Remote Envenomation Consultancy Services (RECS). She was also a member of the WHO’s Snakebite Envenoming working group tasked with developing the WHO global roadmap strategy in 2019.