Dr Vikram Niranjan

Department of Public Health, Health Service Executive, Ireland

Vikram Niranjan is dentist by training and public health specialist/epidemiologist by profession. He’s passionate for teaching and have more than a decade of experience in teaching public health, epidemiology, and health promotion to international students. His  research area is diverse and have more than 30 high impact publications covering different public health research topics - Infectious diseases, Social and Public Health Aspects of Infectious diseases, Surveillance system, Health service strengthening, non-communicable diseases - Cancer, CVD, Diabetes, Oral health; Tobacco control, smoking cessation, physical activity, health promotion - schools, workplaces, hospital; Public and Patient involvement, Medical education, Infectious diseases, quality of life. Along with international researchers across the globe, he has successfully conducted sub-plenary sessions at international conferences as a speaker, had run career advices to public health researchers, hands on sessions and webinars. Having worked with WHO, COST action, government agencies, non-profits, and multi-lateral agencies. He is keen to promote knowledge translation to improve the health system and service delivery and looks forward to international networking and collaboration with public health researchers.