Ladislas Nshimiyimana

Ladislas Nshimiyimana is currently serving as NTD Research Senior Officer at Rwanda Biomedical Centre. He is an experienced clinician, public health professional, and researcher in Rwanda Health System with a strong experience more than 10 years. He is a senior researcher with extensive experience in team and resources manager, study design and implementation, data analysis and report writing, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building in research and supervision, scientific writing. His current research interest is Neglected Tropical Diseases and Malaria. With the stay in RBC, he has led and participated in several research using qualitative and quantitative methods with extended skills in quantitative methods including modelling infectious diseases. He is also strategic in creating and managing partnerships with local and international organizations. He has also actively participated in grant writing and implementation.  Ladislas is also a certified Surveyor in Rwanda Healthcare Quality improvement (Health facility accreditation process); He has conducted numerous Quality improvement progressive performance surveys in different hospitals in Rwanda. By education he completed Master of art in Project Planning and Management, and Master of Public Health with focus in Epidemiology and Disease Control.