Lorna Carter

From her previous involvement in multidisciplinary ethics as they apply to university and international research relating to human participants and personal data, Lorna brings an important dimension to the PAC’s agenda for which a high level of integrity and commitment to the work of the RSTMH are fundamental requirements.

She received a Distinguished Friend of Oxford award in 2018 for her expertise and influence on projects and initiatives of significance and enduring value to Oxford University. As a member of its Central University Research Ethics Committee from 2011 until 2020, following her service of nine years on the university’s Tropical Research Ethics Committee, she helped shape policy and practice across all four divisions of the university.

She continues to promote the development of standards of excellence in research ethics across disciplines, and in particular a shared research ethics approach to the conduct of global health projects. She has a special interest in international law, and its application and influence on the delivery and formulation of global health policies and partnerships.

In the course of her Government Information service career, she served in various departments, including Health, Education and Science, and International Development.

As part of her contribution to the Policy and Advocacy Committee, she also brings strong communications and strategy development skills, extensive experience of formulating training programmes, mentoring, identifying and building partnerships and managing external relations. From an early stage in her career she has been involved in voluntary sector initiatives.