Mr Carlos Adrian Vargas Campos

French School of Public Health

Carlos is a medical doctor from Mexico and a Master in Public Health candidate at the French School of Public Health. He is currently doing research at the French National Institute of Research on Agriculture, Alimentation, and Environment (INRAE) in collaboration with the French Institute of Research and Development (IRD). He is highly motivated to understand infectious diseases from a One Health and Eco Health perspective. He is involved in a research project to understand the transmission ecology of Mycobacterium ulcerans in French Guyane, the pathogen that causes a rare neglected tropical disease (NTD) Buruli Ulcer. He is passionate about the interaction of biodiversity with humans and their health, and how we can modify this to prevent future threats to the entire system in which we all live.

He joined as a student ambassador to integrate into a network of professionals interested in tropical medicine and global health. He is motivated to exchange opinions and experiences with the different members of the RSTMH and create dialogues about the main issues to address in tropical medicine.