Professor Yasmin Rubio-Palis

Professor of Public Health Entomology, Instituto de Altos Estudios Dr. Arnoldo Gabaldon

Professor Yasmin Rubio-Palis for the past 19 years has been working at the Health Sciences Faculty of the Universidad de Carabobo, Maracay, Venezuela, supervising undergraduate students in writing up research proposals and dissertations. Research activities focused on anophelines taxonomy, Anopheles spp and Aedes spp ecology and control.

She also worked for 28 years as Chief Researcher at the Vector Control Division of the Directorate of Malariology and Environmental Health, Ministry of Health, Venezuela, conducting operational research on malaria and dengue. For over 30 years has collaborated in teaching courses on Public Health Entomology at the School of Malariology "Dr. Arnoldo Gabaldon" (at present Instituto de Altos Estudios Dr. Arnoldo Gabaldon).