RSTMH Country Ambassador

Date Posted:
06 July 2022
Closing date for applications:
31 December 2024
Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
Job type:

We are currently looking for a group of Country Ambassadors; volunteers who can help us ensure the relevant individuals and organisations in their country are aware of our work and activities. We want researchers and professionals to be aware of the ways in which RSTMH could help them progress their careers and showcase their work.

We also want to ensure their knowledge and experience is represented in our networks and is part of the impact we can achieve. We welcome applications from people from any country and from a range of career stages, but would like to encourage applications from Brazil, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda

The role

The Country Ambassador is a new voluntary role, which was created as a result of our new strategy, launched late 2017.

The aim of the role is to ensure we are better connected with our members, supporters and networks outside of the UK. Ambassadors help influence how the Society operates, through their links to the Board of Trustees and also to the team.

Main duties and responsibilities 

As a Country Ambassador, you could help ensure researchers and professionals in your country or area can better benefit from the work of the Society, and you can also inform us about how we best work in your country or area.

You can be involved in a number of ways:

  • By spreading the word about RSTMH and our work by disseminating information to your networks
  • By potentially helping us deliver local events in your country or area
  • By helping ensure progress in tropical medicine and global health from your country is represented in our journals, at our meeting and events, and in our data through encouraging your networks to be involved with us
  • By advising us on how the work in your country or area aligns with our strategic priorities
  • By helping us understand the contacts and organisations in your country and area that you feel we should be in contact with

We also want to hear your thoughts on how we can best achieve our aims and objectives for global health and tropical medicine.

We would like Country Ambassador to be able to work with us for at least a year, to be able to establish links and networks and make best use of the role.

For most countries we will look to recruit one Country Ambassador only, however we recognise that for some countries we may need more than one.

Skills and experience needed

You will be a citizen of the country you would like to represent and will be there for at least 3 further years

You will have a good understanding of the health environment, as well as have established links to tropical medicine and global health networks and organisations.

You will be knowledgeable in your specific area of tropical medicine and global health and will have established good networks within your country, in your field and more widely, preferably across the clinical, academic, charitable industry and policy making sectors.

You will have represented your organisation or work in other non-executive or voluntary capacities in the past and will have a good understanding of how to disseminate information and extract ideas and advice.

Finally, you will be a member of RSTMH and be confident and willing to represent RSTMH.


We hope that volunteering as an RSTMH Country Ambassador will be of benefit to you. You will be part of a network of ambassadors around the world, hopefully expanding your existing networks and contacts in your area of work.

The RSTMH Team is happy to provide references for Country Ambassadors.

Once the network of Regional Ambassadors is in place there are opportunities to discuss other benefits relevant to the region.

How to apply

If you are interested in the role, please apply through the online application form.  

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