Dr Abdulmumuni Samuel Aliyu

Dr Abdulmumuni Samuel Aliyu is studying Maternal and Child Health at the University of Cape Town.

The University of Cape Town (UCT) has a proud tradition of academic excellence and is currently the top-rated university in Africa and one of the top-rated universities in the world. It has a vibrant, cosmopolitan community drawn from all corners of South Africa. UCT is on the slope of ‘Devil’s Peak’ which forms part of the Table Mountain – named one of the seven wonders of nature in 2011. UCT can be proud of its achievements in many areas important to global health, such as its contributions in the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculous pericarditis, respiratory medicine, congenital heart disease and a host of others. The UCT is collaborating with several institutions across the globe in areas of HIV research, pertussis research, and mental health etcetera. 

His immediate goal is to secure a volunteer position at an organisation such as this one where he can continue to grow and improve myself both personally and academically. 

He enjoys challenges and looks forward to opportunities where he will be able to assume more responsibilities. Ultimately, he’d like to move into research leadership with a focus on Global Health and ethics and work his way in to a long-term position where he can build a solid career.