Transactions: Volume 117, Issue 2, February 2023

05 Feb 2023

Transactions of The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene was founding in 1908. Take a look at the articles featured in Volume 117, Issue 2.

In this month’s Editor’s Choice article, Kebede Deribe and colleagues use mathematical modelling to derive prevalence and risk maps of podoconiosis in Kenya, to help guide targeted prevention and treatment approaches through local planning, spatial targeting and tailored surveillance activities. Podoconiosis is a neglected tropical disease which significantly reduces quality of life and productivity through decreased mobility and associated morbidity. Read our Special Issue on Podoconiosis from Dec 2020 here

This issue also includes a review article on visceral leishmaniasis in the COVID-19 pandemic era, as well as a short communication article on a false-positive fourth-generation HIV test result in a woman with malaria. Original articles in this issue include the editor's choice article, and articles on photographic grading for trachoma diagnosis, early pregnancy serum levels of folate and vitamin B12 in overweight and obese women in Khartoum, Sudan, and a retrospective study of clinical and epidemiological characteristics of snakebite

Please find all articles linked below.

Review Article

Visceral leishmaniasis in the COVID-19 pandemic era 
Anindita Paul, Sushma Singh

Original Articles

Editor's Choice - Geostatistical modelling of the distribution, risk and burden of podoconiosis in Kenya 
Kebede Deribe, Hadley Matendechero Sultani, Collins Okoyo, Wyckliff P Omondi, Isaac Ngere, Melanie J Newport, Jorge Cano

Factors associated with Cyclospora infection in a Venezuelan community: extreme poverty and soil transmission relate to cyclosporiasis 
Leonor Chacin-Bonilla, Yulaicy Sanchez, Ricardo Cardenas

Clinical features and risk factors for death in acute undifferentiated fever: A prospective observational study in rural community hospitals in six states of India 
Kristine Mørch, Anand Manoharan, Sara Chandy, Ashita Singh, Cijoy Kuriakose, Suvarna Patil, Anil Henry, Novin Chacko, Gerardo Alvarez-Uria, Joel Nesaraj, Bjørn Blomberg, Siby Kurian, Christel Gill Haanshuus, George Vasanthan Antony, Nina Langeland, Dilip Mathai

Socio-epidemiological factors and comorbidities associated with Chagas disease manifestations in two urban reference health care centres in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Luciana F Portela, Maíra B Mesquita, Juliana M Giraldes, Margareth C Varela, Pedro Emmanuel A A Brasil, Andréa R Costa, Mauro F F Mediano, Luiz Henrique C Sangenis, Roberto C Pedrosa, Alejandro Marcel Hasslocher-Moreno, Roberto M Saraiva

Photographic grading for trachoma diagnosis within trachoma impact surveys in Amhara region, Ethiopia 
Cassidy C Whitson, Andrew W Nute, Begashaw Hailemariam, Andrew R Deathe, Tigist Astale, Zebene Ayele, Demelash Gessese, Eshetu Sata, Mulat Zerihun, Berhanu Melak, Mahteme Haile, Taye Zeru, Banchalem Getnet, Bilen Wondimteka, Endale Kabtu, Habib Getachew, Meskerem Shibiru, Social Bayecha, Solomon Aragie, Dionna M Wittberg, Zerihun Tadesse, E Kelly Callahan, Jeremy D Keenan, Fisseha Admassu, Scott D Nash

A retrospective study of clinical and epidemiological characteristics of snakebite in Napo Province, Ecuadorian Amazon 
Ricardo S P Patiño, David Salazar-Valenzuela, Alberto A Robles-Loaiza, Paola Santacruz-Ortega, José R Almeida

Early pregnancy serum levels of folate and vitamin B12 in overweight and obese women in Khartoum, Sudan
Duria A Rayis, Ahmed Karar, Shimos A Alshareef, Reem Eltayeb, Ishag Adam

Research priorities to support the development of integrated national strategies to control skin-neglected tropical diseases 
Hope Simpson, Asrat Mengiste, Jean Bosco Mbonigaba, Karsor Kollie, Motto Nganda, Laura Dean, Daniel Argaw, Gail Davey, Maya Semrau

Investigation of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 antibodies among the paediatric population in Mogadishu, Somalia 
Fartun Abdullahi H Orey, Ali Mohamed Sodal, Jamal Hassan Mohamoud, Bashiru Garba, Ifrah Hassan Mohamed, Mohamed Hussein Adam, Hassan Abdullahi Dahie, Maryan Abdullahi Sh Nur, Najib Isse Dirie

Short Communication

False-positive fourth-generation HIV test result in a woman with Plasmodium malariae malaria
Yusuke Ainoda, Kanako Komaki-Yasuda, Shigeyuki Kano, Yuji Hirai