"Global Challenges in Health" – RSTMH and ECTMIH 2021 photo contest launches

07 Jun 2021

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2020 was a devastating year for health worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the stark inequalities in healthcare, and health systems are still reeling from the ongoing impact of the coronavirus.

This year, the global health community is also dealing with the negative repercussions on all other aspects of health caused by the pandemic. In an article from January, the WHO highlights the ten global health issues to track in 2021.

These were:

  • Build global solidarity for worldwide health security
  • Speed up access to COVID-19 tests, medicines and vaccines
  • Advance health for all
  • Tackle health inequities
  • Provide global leadership on science and data
  • Revitalise efforts to tackle communicable diseases
  • Combat drug resistance
  • Prevent and treat NCDs and mental health conditions
  • Build back better
  • Act in solidarity

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RSTMH and ECTMIH 2021 partnership

RSTMH is partnering with the European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health (ECTMIH 2021) to launch a photo competition, “Global Challenges in Health: Your stories from around the world” to find the most engaging photographic representation of the work being done to address the global challenges in health listed above.

ECTMIH 2021 will provide an arena for scientists, experts, policy makers and practitioners to share research, ideas, developments and breakthroughs in the field of global health.

The main objective of the Congress is to explore global challenges in health, migration and equity through plenaries, scientific sessions, workshops and symposia.

The photo competition is an opportunity to shed light on all the different and urgent global challenges in health we are facing, but also solutions, and the people engaged in tackling these challenges.

Open to all

The Global Challenges in Health (#globalchallenges) competition is open to all, but more specifically those working in the fields of tropical medicine and global health.

The top ten nominees will be announced and exhibited virtually at ECTMIH 2021 on 28–29 September 2021.

All entries will be considered by a panel of judges. The top ten nominees will be displayed on the RSTMH and ECTMIH websites and the Congress virtual platform.

The Congress attendees will then vote in real time for the winning image from the judges’ nominated top ten.

The overall winner will win a cash prize of 200 Euros and the potential to be on the cover of RSTMH’s journal, International Health.

The top ten competitors will be granted access to the Congress during the award ceremony on 30 September, and the overall winner will be announced during the ceremony.

Innovative and striking images

We are looking for innovative and striking images that represent any aspect of the global challenges in health listed.

This could be images of global challenges in health, researchers and/or people at work, programmes dealing with one or more of these challenges, scientific breakthroughs, or any objects or environments that represent global challenges in health.

The images will be judged by certain criteria, including:

  • Technique/lighting
  • Composition
  • Subject/story
  • Originality

We will also be looking for images that are people-focused, positive and empowering, that portray their subjects in a dignified, non-exploitative way, and are solutions-focused.

Where to send your images

Please submit your photo through the online platform along with a brief caption (explaining who is in the image, the location, the project/content of the photo, the organisations/institutions involved etc.) and photo credit, for a chance to win the cash prize of 200 Euros and potentially have your image featured on the cover of RSTMH’s journal, International Health.

The deadline for submissions is 30 July at 17:00 BST. The ten best images (as judged by our judging panel) will also be featured virtually in a photo exhibition on the RSTMH and ECTMIH 2021 websites and the Congress virtual platform.

The overall winner will be voted for by attendees of ECTMIH 2021 – The voting will take place during the Congress’ first two days, 28 and 29 September. 

The winner will be announced in the award ceremony Thursday 30 September.

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