Impact factor announcement for RSTMH journals

30 Jun 2021

RSTMH is delighted to announce increases in the impact factors for both our journals.

Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene has increased from 1.868 to 2.184. International Health has increased from 1.664 to 2.473.

This announcement covers the period between 2018 and 2019, at the start of which we welcomed a new team of Associate Editors, Editorial Advisers and two new Editors-in-Chief, Professor Sir Brian Greenwood and Professor David Molyneux.

Tamar Ghosh, RSTMH Chief Executive said:

“We are very grateful to our Editors-in-Chief and our dedicated community of authors, reviewers and editors for all their efforts and support of the journals.”

“Our impact factor increases reflect their hard work and dedication, and signpost our intention to continue to publish new, exciting work from both members and our broader community.”


The journal's new impact factor is 2.184 (with a five-year impact factor of 2.820).

We are particularly pleased that the papers with the most citations contributing to the new score are focused on a variety of subject areas including snakebite and NCDs, as well as neglected tropical diseases and infectious diseases.

Transactions has also seen some positive changes in our category ranking as a result of the increase in score this year.

Professor Sir Brian Greenwood, Editor-in-Chief of Transactions, said: 

"I was very pleased to learn of the increase in the impact factor of the Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene, as well as for its companion journal International Health.

"These increases reflect the hard work of the staff of both journals in making these attractive journals to which authors want to send some of their best papers. Please keep sending us your papers."

International Health

The journal's new impact factor is 2.473 (with a five-year impact factor of 2.451).

Achieving this excellent increase in score in the journal's twelfth year is particularly significant, with a number of top articles (regular and commissioned) seeming to contribute similarly high citation scores.

We are pleased to note that International Health has also risen significantly in terms of its position in the ranking tables for the relevant reporting categories, in relation to this new score.

Professor David Molyneux commented:

“As Editor-in-Chief of International Health, I am delighted with this significant increase in our impact factor as well as our elevated position in the relevant league tables. I am indebted to the hard work of all the International Health team, our Associate Editors, Editorial Board, reviewers and our publishers who have contributed to this achievement.

"I, and the team, are committed to maintaining this momentum over the coming years as global health issues continue to make headline news.”

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