RSTMH Student Ambassador

Date Posted:
27 July 2020
Closing date for applications:
31 December 2022
Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
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Join our growing network of Student Ambassadors. Acting as a voice for their fellow students, Student Ambassadors are indispensable in raising awareness of RSTMH throughout their institutions and beyond. They are the instrumental link between students, institutions and RSTMH and make the most valuable contribution to assisting us in achieving our vision and mission.

Central to the Student Ambassador role is ensuring that RSTMH is recognising and supporting the next generation of tropical medicine and global health professionals effectively and safeguarding that they are taking an active role in facilitating research, sharing knowledge and driving impact

RSTMH expectations of Student Ambassadors

To be an RSTMH Student Ambassador, you ideally need to be a full-time student in a subject related to global health, with good networks and a strong understanding of RSTMH and our work. You also need to be an existing RSTMH member for a minimum of 3-months.

  • Be a member existing RSTMH member for a minimum of 3-months
  • Be a full-time student in a subject related to global health, though part-time students will also be considered.
  • Have good networks and be confident and willing to represent RSTMH at events and meetings.
  • Provide feedback and ideas, thoughts or comments concerning Society activities to help with the process of continuous improvement.
  • Always treat RSTMH staff, supporters, partners and members with respect, consideration and appreciation.
  • Be friendly and professional at all times when representing RSTMH and engaging your networks about RSTMH.
  • Help disseminate announcements to relevant students and staff on an ongoing basis, for instance, via departmental mailing lists, Noticeboards, or social media; via online resource portals and/or via the course convener for the relevant degree programmes.
  • Provide as much notice as possible if you are unable to fulfil your Student Ambassador commitment.
  • Have a good understanding of RSTMH and our work: our events, grants, journals and other plans.
  • Be able to communicate clearly about RSTMH and our work, staying within RSTMH’s brand guidelines.
  • Be familiar with the aims and scope of our two journals.
  • Act in a way that doesn’t discriminate against or exclude anyone.
  • Respect different opinions and be sensitive to different cultures.
  • Have a strong social media presence.
  • Donate as much time to the role as you can.

How to apply

Student Ambassadors applications are open throughout the year, but submissions are only reviewed in February, June, and October.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact amelia [dot] fincham [at] rstmh [dot] org (Amelia Fincham).


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